10:00am - Bilingual Worship (nursery available)

11:30am - Christian Education in Spanish & English

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Trinity United Methodist Church
Children and Family Urban Movement
invite you to the
of the
Sunday, November 2nd, 2014
OPEN  HOUSE  3:00-5:00 pm (light refreshments served)
PROGRAM   3:00-3:30 pm
        before                                                               after
Sponsor a "kitchen shower" gift (see below for list)
Make a donation to the Red Door Campaign: 
Cornerstone Historical Project at 8th & College 
We invite you to share in the joy of our new kitchen! We're thrilled! We look forward to many years of serving God by serving others through the work of the many, many people who use our kitchen. Although the construction is finished, we need many things to 'fill' our new kitchen. You are invited to sponsor a gift to the kitchen. Please make your check out to: Cornerstone Historical Project at 8th & College & mark the memo as: KITCHEN. Thank you!

#1 priority: Metal shelving storage units, floor to ceiling height

                      $200 each x 25 units, total $5,000 
All of the following are essentially needed also!
*Slip-proof floor mats -- $100/each
*Compartment trays -- $5/each or $50/dozen, 10 dozen (120) = $500
*Drinking glasses - 5 oz = $10/dozen; 15 dozen (180) = $150
                                    - 8 oz = $12/dozen; 15 dozen (180) = $180
*Coffee mugs -- $45 for 3 dozen; 15 dozen (180) = $225
*Cereal bowls -- $30/dozen; 15 dozen (180) = $450
*Napkin dispensers -- $25/each; 15 = $375
*Cutlery dispenser -- $65
*Flatware -- 240 spoons & forks = $100
*Soup spoons -- $6/dozen, 15 dozen (180) = $90
*Steamer pans with lids -- $50/each; 10 = $500
*Tables -- $180 /each
*Folding chairs -- $40/each
(If you'd like to promote this within your local churches, feel free to click the following link for a full page flier and/or the kitchen shower gift list.)
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Trinity United Methodist Church is a diverse, inclusive community of people who care deeply about the integration of faith and social justice.  Together with Las Americas Comunidad de Fe, we gather for weekly bi-lingual worship and Christian education and are sent out to advocate for a world of justice and peace.


Our ministry includes hospitality for hundreds of people who come through our doors every day to participate in the ministries under our roof.


Las Americas Comunidad de Fe is a Spanish speaking faith community at Trinity that is in ministry with the Hispanic /Latino community.


The varied programs of Children and Family Urban Ministries reach out to alleviate hunger through a breakfast and supper program, and offer a safe haven for children and youth.


Welcome to Trinity!  As you visit our new (under construction) web site, we hope that you will catch a glimpse of the reign of God on the corner of College and 8th in Des Moines, and that you might find there a place of belonging for you and your family.

Trinity Photos

Click Here to see our latest photos from the renovation project.

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